Ligman Lighting's Veranda Pillar Light (model UVR-702XX).Ligman Lighting's Veranda Pillar Light (model UVR-702XX).

Veranda Pillar Light

Model#: UVR-702XX      Ratings:   IP67   CE   IK08   ETL   

The innovative optical technology of the Veranda pillar light guarantees a high degree of efficiency and optimal visual comfort while fulfilling the dark sky criteria. The Veranda has been developed to have excellent controlled downward light, elimininating any glare. It has three light shields with different light distributions. Designed for lighting of entrances garden pathways and squares. This low level surface mounted luminiare is ideal for areas where inground product is not suitable, but horizontal lighting on the ground is required. Depending on the light distribution required, this fixture is available in 360°, 90°/90°, 90° and 180°. This vandal resistant luminaire can be installe using factory provided anchor bolts, as well as contractor provided wedge anchors. 

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