Ligman Lighting's Vekter Wall Washer (model UVK-30XXX).Ligman Lighting's Vekter Wall Washer (model UVK-30XXX).Ligman Lighting's Vekter Wall Washer (model UVK-30XXX).

Vekter Wall Washer

Model#: UVK-30XXX      Ratings:   IP65   F   CE   IK08   ETL   IDA   

A wedge shaped range of small profile wall mounted luminaires for use in uplight or downlight applications. This product is provided with a range of high powered LEDs with a selection of optics. The Vekter is unique as it is available with Type II, III, IV & V light distribution options that facilitates wider spacing and even light distribution between the light fixtures. Wide spacings of up to 40' on center can be achieved using a type II optic with uniformity that complies to path of egress requirements. This provides higher energy saving and reduced installation costs. The Vekter can be manufactured using different type beam optics to achieve custom distribution, e.g using type II and type IV optics inside the same luminaire. Integral electronic control gear is housed in a special waterproof box that can be detached from the optical chamber for easy installation. Mounting plate for 3" and 4" junction box is provided with the fixture. Matching surface mount conduit boxes are available as an option. The Austin-Vekter is suitable for lighting footpaths, building facades, building entrances and parking areas around buildings.

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