East Shores is stage 1A of a new $42 million project that provides Gladstone with a world class multipurpose facility. The new precinct offers a recreational water park, viewing platform, waterfront boardwalk, barbecues and plenty of open spaces for residents to enjoy.

Raylinc Lighting supplied luminaires throughout the Maritime Precinct with primary focus on providing a bright, vibrant space for families to enjoy even when the sun goes down. 

Ligman Jet wall mounted luminaires line the columns of the boardwalk. These were chosen to not only provide a more decorative element but also to provide a safe even distribution in areas close to the water.

Ligman Arizona projectors were supplied in a light column to highlight several features within the Maritime Precinct while staying consistent with the lighting style of the area. Ligman Legend brick lights were used in the stairs leading to the boardwalk and Ligman Kios in ground up lights, suitable for wet locations, were installed sporadically throughout the water park adding to the lighting display.

Luminaires Used: