Ligman Lighting's Arizona 3 Large Light Column (model UAR-209XX).Ligman Lighting's Arizona 3 Large Light Column (model UAR-209XX).

Arizona 3 Large Light Column

Model#: UAR-209XX      Ratings:   IP55   IP65   CE   IK08   ETL   

Complementing the Arizona family of outdoor light columns and wall sconces, is the Arizona 3. This luminaire incorporates individually mounted and aimable floodlights within a ultra high impact clear acrylic housing. This modern aesthetic design is manufactured so that each individual floodlight can be specified with different beam distributions, as well as wattages if necessary to provide the perfect lighting solution for any environment. The floodlights can be aimed in different directions to highlight specific features or elements in the environment, as well as provide security when illuminating dark areas on campuses and parks. This small and medium range of high performance LED floodlight luminaires provides a modern design for demanding applications such as; recreational areas, public spaces and architectural structures. This luminiare is provided with integral drivers and electrical compartment secured in an internal waterproof driver housing. The luminaire is pre-wired with power cord to the handhole to simplify installation. The internal floodlights are available in narrow, medium and wide light distributions. Color temperatures include 2700, 3000 and 4000 Kelvin. Luminaire has optional accessories as anti-glare visor, hexcell louvre and linear spread lens. The Arizona 3 is highly flexible and lends itself to custom configurations that include; wattage and beam spreads. 
For non standard fixture variations, as well as specific reflector requirements and colored dichroic filters, please contact the factory. This fixture is provided complete with anchor bolts and a laser cut steel bolt template. 

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