Ligman Lighting's Light Linear PT 11 Surface (model ULI-3000X).

Light Linear PT 11 Surface

Model#: ULI-3000X      Ratings:   IP65   IK07   IK08   IDA   

Light Linear PT wall light is an elegant wall mount fixture suitable for both modern and classic architecture. Ideal for creating visual guidance, with exceptional visual comfort. The dual sealed optical chamber with integrated heat sinks houses a range of field interchangeable optically controlled LED's, providing Type II, III, IV & V distribution, as well as variations of this for precise light distribution requirements. An example of this, is using a combination of Type II and Type IV distribution optics inside the same fixture. This fixture is uinique as it has a IP68 driver housing container that is housed within the IP65 rated light fixture. It is available in 28w and 55w options. This luminaire complies to Dark Sky requirements. This product range is complemented with high performance optics in the bollard and streetlight luminaires, to provide a consistent range of design aesthetics for any project.

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