Ligman Lighting's Light Linear LA 3 & 4 Pendant (model ULA-950XX).Ligman Lighting's Light Linear LA 3 & 4 Pendant (model ULA-950XX).

Light Linear LA 3 & 4 Pendant

Model#: ULA-950XX      Ratings:   IP67   F   CE   IK08   ETL   

Light Linear LA luminaires are designed to be multi functional, offering a wide range of lighting solutions and dramatic highlighting effects. They are suitable for many applications and can be used in indoor and outdoor applications. The luminaires have features such as long life, low glare limited maintenance and constant lifetime performance. Two different lengths are provided allowing the luminaire installation to be tailored exactly to the architectural structure. The suspension height is fully adjustable. The luminaire is provided with an integral driver for Light Linear LA 3 and the Light Linear LA 4 uses a remote driver. The Light Linear LA is available in 2700K, 3000K and 4000K. A low copper content high pressure die-cast and extruded aluminum body with high corrosion resistance. Power is provided through a single watertight cable gland. Two cable glands are available upon request. Mounting hardware consists of stainless steel screws. Durable high-temperature silicone gasket and clear or frosted tempered glass. The luminaire is treated with a chemical nickel and zinc phosphate protection before powder coating (4.7 mil thickness), ensuring high corrosion resistance.  

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