A top range of inground guide lights with light distribution options from one, two or four sectors. Designed for use in shopping, pedestrian and park areas with a selection of low voltage, energy saving LEDs. To ensure efficient drainage, gravel must be used to a depth of 17" and a width of 12" beneath the housing, and should also be placed around the luminaire.

Power is provided to the integral control gear through a specially developed anti-wicking PG13.5 watertight cable gland and 2ft of outdoor submersible #18/3 SOOW 600V power cable. A 4,500lb maximum load is transferred by the housing to the foundation. Vehicles with pneumatic tires can drive over the luminaire but the speed must not exceed 6mph.

Recessing box in high density polyethylene is included. The high power LED option is available in white 2700K, 3000K, and 4000K. All Ligman fixtures can be manufactured using a special pre-treatment and coating process that ensures the fixture can be installed in natatoriums as well as environments with high concentrations of chlorine or salt and still maintain the 5 year warranty. For this natatorium rated process please specify NAT in options.