A top range of inground uplights with a choice of round or square stainless steel or painted aluminum front rings. This 4.72" & 7.87" inground luminaire is provided with a low output LED board and integral driver, and is suitable as a marker light for illuminating shopping and pedestrian areas, parks, gardens and sculptures. This low glare luminaire is provided with a 0.4" thick tempered glass and is rated as a walkover luminaire. The glass has a special wrap around high temperature silicone gasket that provides additional ingress protection. A non slip lens is available as an option.

This non slip coating is a proprietary coating that is infused into the glass to provide excellent traction in wet conditions. To ensure efficient drainage, gravel must be used to a depth of 17" beneath the housing, and should also be placed around the luminaire. Low copper content die-cast aluminum housing with high corrosion resistance. The 0.24" thick front ring is available in grade 316 stainless steel or aluminum.

Stainless steel fasteners in grade 316. Power is provided through a single PG1/2" watertight cable gland. UF-B 600v underground feeder cable is recommended to provide power to the luminaire. Standard recessing box in high density polyethylene.