A NEW variation to the Cinati wall sconce allows for a variety of different lighting distributions that enables the designer to maximize spacing and achieve exceptional uniformity between light fixtures. The designer can now use Type I & II distributions for maximized spacing along the walls and meet path of egress requirements. Type III & IV distributions could be used above doors and building exits.

Cinati: A cone shaped wall wash luminaire. Suitable for outdoor up, or down light applications. This luminaire is provided with precision optics and high powered LEDs, to provide narrow, medium, wide, very wide & Type I, II, III and IV distributions. The vandal resistant tempered glass is available in clear or lightly frosted versions.

This product is suitable for commercial, as well as residential applications and with the selection of optics available, will provide an excellent lighting solution. Integral electronic driver. Fixture is mounted over a 3" octagonal junction box.