Tallinn, Estonia is one of the popular old town in Europe, UNESCO recognize this as one of the Heritage Site. The Palace Hotel is located on the central area which is a tourist haven destination coming from Europe and Asia-pacific region which destined to explore the famous old town.

Ligman Lighting is proud to be a part of this facade refurbishment which is the main intention is to capture a stunning and attracting lighting effect to the visitors and also serve as a landmark icon on the city center.

The design approach is to highlight each column on facade using, a narrow beam wall surface mounted fitting attached on the lower portion and upper portion of the building. On the podium portion each column as well is emphasized using a surface wall mounted Quarter. This also creates a uniform light distribution with good illumination level to the hotel walkway perimeter along the sidewalk of the road. Thanks to Ligman Lighting high quality lighting fixtures outputs which enhance more distinct outlook to building architecture and design.

Luminaires Used: