Photometric light distributions IES Files

Lighting Software : AGI32

  • LIGMAN AGI32 instabase* (V.2014/03) -- (Download LIGMAN USA AGI32 PlugIn directly in your AGI32 online Instabase)

Lighting Software : Dialux  & Dialux Evo

1 Info: LIGMAN's photometric data files are measured according to IESNA LM-79-08.

* Important!: AGI32 main software must be install as base lighting program first after finish. For LIGMAN manufacturer online instabase photometric data is easy see inside AGI32 online.

** Important!: DIALux main software must be installed as base program first after finish LIGMAN products dialux PlugIn will continue to install for the first time usage. If you had already installed our LIGMAN Dialux PlugIn older version for the first time please download the new PlugIn setup file above and reinstall again to get the new version 2014/03.