Jet Pendant || February 15th

A range of round or square shaped pendant exterior or interior downlight luminaires

utilizing a combination of high output LEDs and precision optics that can provide Type

II, III & IV distributions as well as Type V distributions with narrow, medium, wide and

very wide beams.

The Type II, III & IV distribution options should be used to provide wide spacing to

mounting height ratios with excellent uniformity.

This luminaire has specialized optics that have been designed by Ligman, in conjunction

with internationally recognized optic designers to provide excellent light control,

beam distribution and intensities by focusing each optic around the small LEDs to

provide perfect focus and distribution. This luminaire can be provided with a variety of

anti-glare and light control attachments.


This pendant range is available with 2 different suspension options.

Aircraft cable: which can be field adjustable to suit design criteria and will always hang

vertical, even if the fixture is bumped or moved.

Rigid stem: this option is supplied with a 1/2” rigid stem and swivel mount attachment

that complies with seismic requirements, as well as sloped ceilings with angles up to



Jet Product Line