Jet Cluster Column || October 24th

The Jet family of projectors has a modern cubic square design with a new range of high

performance LEDs and eld changeable optics.

This square style cluster column floodlight is designed for applications such as signage,

sculptures, landscape, residential areas and recreational areas etc, and adds to Ligman’s

comprehensive range of event pole cluster luminaires with different floodlight shapes, styles

and wattages.

This product is also used in large atriums and indoor public spaces. The floodlights can be

aimed in different directions to highlight specfic features or elements in the environment, as

well as provide security when illuminating dark areas on campuses and parks. The versatility

of this product allows for different configurations of fixture quantities, as well as beam

distributions. As a standard product this is offered in a 3 or 6 fixture configuration, however

the fixture quantities, beam spreads and positions can be manufactured to suit designer’s


Color temperatures available in 2700K, 3000K & 4000K and have interchangeable optics that

produce narrow, medium, wide and very wide distributions.

Luminaire options include visors, colored lenses, anti-glare louvre and linear spread lens.

This luminaire is provided with integral driver and waterproof cable gland that extends down

the length of the pole to the flush mounted handhole for easy installation.



Jet Cluster Column