Light Linear PT

Product Description

LED area lighting luminaire

LIGMAN’s Light Linear PT LED employs a highly flexible light module that is designed to not only be aesthetically pleasing but to also be an economic alternative to the conventional High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide lighting systems. Industry leading optical technology ensures that only the targeted areas are illuminated, reducing unwanted light trespass and sky glow , ensuring Light Linear PT LED’s compliance to the Dark Sky requirements.

The luminaire and pole are made of high corrosion resistant aluminum alloys that are coated with an UV stabilized polyester powder coat that are applied after undergoing a special chemical chromating process. LIGMAN’s Light Linear PT LED comes with an integrated power supply unit housed within the luminaire. To ensure endurance even in the harshest of environments, a durable silicone rubber gasket, clear toughened glass and marine grade stainless steel screws are used to ensure ruggedness while maintaining a modern classic outlook without compromising on performance and reliability.

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